Paradise Housekeeping is HIRING!!

We're looking for somebody fairly new to the business.

The reason we're looking for somebody new in the business is that we've had experience with the "pros", who can waste an hour or more in a bathroom, and we don't want to have somebody in our business who intends to cheat our customers. "If I will cheat you, I will steal from you."

We're looking for someone who is quick and would like to be quicker.

This shows the desire to be valuable to us plus an ambition to learn how to improve. If you have this, we are proud to have you in our "family" because your shortcomings will never come back to bite us.

We're looking for someone who does it right the first time-every time.

None of us can live up to this, but if you try, we're going to get along fine.

We're looking for someone who takes instruction without getting insulted or feeling demeaned.

We don't want to have to tippy-toe around if there is something we would like to see done, or done better.

We're looking for someone who hasn't learned the professional cleaners' time-wasting tricks...and doesn't want to.

If you're honest and not lazy, you're here already.

We're looking for someone who would like to build a full-time business.

This gives us an area where we can help you. We like win-win situations.

We're looking for someone who enjoys making peoples' homes shine.

This is probably the most important qualifier: if you don't really love people and cleaning for them, you will never last here...or you will last, but hate it every minute. (Not an ideal life for you.)

If you fit this description, you could be a REAL house shiner
and we'd love to meet you!

Please use this email link to tell us a little about yourself."

ParadiseHousekeeping dot BIZ 772-521-3678